I'm a novelist, poet, critic and sometimes writer for and about the theatre. Each of these things keeps interrupting the others. My poetry and criticism have won prizes. I'm the author of the popular and critically acclaimed fantasy quartet The Books of Pellinor, the Gothic fantasy Black Spring and The River and the Book, a forthcoming speculative fiction novel. In English, my novels are published with Walker Books (UK and Australia), Candlewick (US) and Penguin Books Australia. I have self-published two novels as Kindle ebooks: the literary memoir Navigatio and Jimmy Wonderspoon, a story that I wrote for my 10-year-old daughter. Presently I'm writing The Bone Queen, a prequel to the Books of Pellinor. You can find out more at alisoncroggon.com. And you can follow me on twitter at @alisoncroggon.

Why "Reimkennar"? It's an old word for sorceress that stems from old Germanic: literally "rhyme knower". Seems like a good title for a fantasy novelist slash poet slash whatever.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


So much for faithfully keeping up with myself! The truth is that blogging about myself comes a long way behind the other occasional writing - reviews, essays etc - that I do, and hence poor old Reimkenner is shamefully neglected. I am now logging all my online writing at alisoncroggon.tumblr.com in a desperate attempt to at least get everything in one place. But microblogging and twitter seems to be all I can manage.

But there is some news I should share: Black Spring has been shortlisted for the Ethel Turner Prize in the NSW Premiers Literary Awards. I am very pleased! And late last year I finished another Pellinor book, The Bone Queen, of which more hereafter. And after lengthy negotiations, The River and the Book, the novel I finished before The Bone Queen, will be out with Walker Books Australia and UK next year.


MissMatthews said...

Do you have any idea when The Bone Queen will be released? Thank you!

Alison Croggon said...

Early days yet, but I will of course let you know. It will be a bit of a wait, as it takes time to make a book...

Carly Pickett said...

Thank you for the update! Is the Bone Queen a prequel?

Carolynn Markey said...

Dear Alison I no longer know if you blog here, or even if you will get this comment. I have just finished re-reading "The Singing" and am full of thoughts and voices and light. After I finished, I was overwhelmed with curiosity if you have authored other books--years ago, when I first read your novels as a young girl, I had never thought to look. Now, as I near 30 and have reread them this past week, I wanted to tell you how much your novels have impacted me. They are so beautiful. I am sure you have had many people tell you this, but I want to say, the characters you have created are as alive to me as my husband, who now slumbers in the ottoman next to the wood stove, that needs more wood.

They are some of the best books I have ever read. I will never forget them.

Alison Croggon said...

Carolyn, thanks so much. I know when I started writing, part of the desire was to make books that mattered to people in the same ways some books have mattered to me. So to hear such a heartfelt response is a great joy! Thanks again. x

And a belated reply to Carly: yes, The Bone Queen is indeed a prequel. I

Leah said...

(Carly: Yeah it's about Cadvan, which never ceases to make me really really happy)
Good to see an update, Alison. The reasons to get a tumblr keep on growing. :)

Numa said...

Excited to hear about this new Cadvan book! It's been years since I read the Pellinor books, but I would go back to them for Cadvan. He's still one of my favorite fictional characters of all time.

Alison Croggon said...

Thank you, Numa! I'm glad you enjoy Cadvan. There's certainly plenty of him in The Bone Queen.

Chloe Rangel said...

I am so excited I cannot express it properly. I check for new material you
have written every six months or so. Ever since I read the Naming that long time ago. You are my favorite author
and the books of Pellinor are my favorite book series. Thank you for the hard wok you put in.

Alison Croggon said...

Thanks Chloe! It's still a bit of a wait, I fear. I wish that books didn't take so long to make, especially after I have finished writing them. I want them to be out in the world! But they're well on the way.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I was ecstatic when I there was a 5th book. But what I am most interested in is The Silence and the history of The Nameless. Is there something in the works regarding those?

Leah said...
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